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Click on the organization's name to be directed to their website and contact information.

If you need advice on navigating the beit din process for the purposes of getting/receiving a Get, contact [email protected] or 310-730-5282.


Levitt & Quinn - Provides legal counseling and guidance on a sliding scale. 

Harriet Buhai Center for Family Law - Takes pro-bono cases. Call (213) 388-7515 for appointment.

Get Divorce Solutions - A male/female mediation team with experience dealing with Jewish families and gets.



International Beit Din - Rabbinic court dedicated exclusively to issues of gittin  throughout the diasporaThey also specialize in cases of igun (Get recalcitrance) by either spouse. Cases of igun are taken free of charge. Email [email protected]  or call 201-357-4056.

Beit Din of America  - Rabbinical court serving affiliated and unaffiliated Jews.

Rabbi Ohana's Beit Din 

Rabbi Teichman's Beit Din 

Rabbinical Council of California



Jewish Family Services  - Provides vital services to the Los Angeles community.

Tomchei Shabbos - Provides a variety of services including weekly food delivery and financial assistance.  

Jewish Free Loan Association - Non-profit agency offering interest-free micro-loan assistance to people facing financial challenges.  Call 323-761-8830 x100 for assistance.

The Ezra Network - Provides financial assistance and government program eligibility, access to one-on-one sessions with a social worker, legal counselor or job counselor, as well as referrals for other services.  Services are free.  Contact:
Rochelle Shapiro, Social Worker:            (323) 229-0235
Liz Mohler, Job Counselor:                      (323) 761-8888 ext. 8998
Emily Carroll, Legal Counselor:               (323) 549-5827

Jewish Divorce Assistance Center of Los Angeles - Assists Jewish couples navigate the unique challenges of Jewish divorce. 

Kosher Soup Kichen, Beit Tamchui- On the south side of Pico just east of La Cienega (Across the street from the Post Office) Free-Daily hot meals for pick-up - afternoon/evening

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Tammuz 5784 Tehillim Campaign

Mazal Tov to Adi Bat Ruth who received her get this past month.  

The 17th of Tammuz commences a three-week period of mourning that ends with Shabbat Nachamu (the Shabbat of comforting by God of the Jewish people). But for those in need of a get, who do not know when they will be freed, every day is a day of mourning- for their lives, the lives of their unborn children, and for the life of our community as Jews.

This Rosh Chodesh let us bless our daughters, with the strength to demand halachic prenups before marriage and solutions to get refusal.

The following 27 women are still in need of a get and have asked for your prayers.


Penina bat Nurit

Dana bat Batsheva

Rachel bat Simi

Merav bat Gila

Tali bat Tikva

Dafna bat Roya

Birkathyah bat Efrat

Rachel bat Yaffa

Adi bat Noseel

Shoshana bat Devora

Drora bat Tova

Chana bat Tzivia Miriam

Chaya Lonna bat Rivka Shulamis Menucha

Sarah bat Tamar Tami

Sarah bat Donna

Rivka bat Aliya

Yael Nagin bat Rachel

Sara Chana bat Esther Rivka

Rimma Rina Rochel bat Chaya Klara

Yehudis Simcha bat Sarah

Tziporah bat Zarin

Rachel Sarah bat Clare Orah

Ayala bat Tikveh

Meital bat Yaffa

Chana Aliza bat Dina

Rivka bat Sara

Ariza Nirel bat Sara


By reciting the names of those who have still to receive their get, we break the silence of suffering in our community. May our prayers be heard.

If you or someone you know is a victim of get refusal, please contact Esther Macner at [email protected].

Get Jewish Divorce Justice
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Myth &Fact 1

Ask for a get at the earliest opportunity.