Adar 1 5782 Tehillim Campaign

Mazal Tov to Batsheva bat Sara who received her get this past month.

As we enter the month of Adar we increase our joy, but for those waiting for a get, there is little joy.  Ask your Rabbis- what can we do to free Jewish women from their chains?  Let us pray that these Agunot may celebrate the joy of freedom speedily and without further grief.

The following twenty eight women and two men are still in need of a get and have asked for your prayers.

Sara bat Shoshana Rosa 

Shoshana bat Devorah

Metuka Nechama bat Sarah

Sara bat Hela

Elana Chayah bat Edna/Moones 

Orly bat Rachel

Sharona bat Nai'ma

Esther bat Rachel

Margalit bat Leah  Nathalie bat Kelly

Chana bas Tzvia Miriam

Metal Josephine bat Ilana

Inbal bat Smadar 

Rachel bat Simi

Dana bat Batsheva

Aliya Julia bat Nina

Leora bat Sarah

Sara bat Pari

Bita bat Balifor

Luna bat Rivka Chaya 

Shoshana bat Dina Tzippora

Yocheved Irit bat Leah

Malka Esther bat Tzionit

Shira bat Miriam

Rivka bat Pari

Ruti bat Tzionit

Sara Chana bat Esther Rivka

Kayla bat Esther

Lior ben Margalit

Yonatan Daniel ben Yehudit

Mazal Tov to Batsheva bat Sara who received her get this past month.
By reciting the names of those who have still to receive their get, we break the silence of suffering in our community. May our prayers be heard.
Our annual Se'udat Ho'daah will be postponed until further notice due to the Corona virus. Until then we offer our emotional support and chizzuk.

If you or someone you know is a victim of get refusal, please contact Esther Macner at [email protected].

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