Sivan 5784 Tehillim Campaign

Mazal Tov to Sophia Dina bat Zelda Pesya who received her get this past month and to Chana bat Miriam who was freed.   

Receiving the Torah on Shavuot marks the end of our counting the days of the Omer.  But victims of get refusal continue to count the days of their captivity.  For how long?

This Rosh Chodesh let us bless our daughters, with the strength to demand halachic prenups before marriage and solutions to get refusal.

The following 26 women are still in need of a get and have asked for your prayers.


Penina bat Nurit
Dana bat Batsheva
Rachel bat Simi
Merav bat Gila
Tali bat Tikva
Dafna bat Roya
Birkathyah bat Efrat
Rachel bat Yaffa
Adi bat Noseel
Shoshana bat Devora
Drora bat Tova
Chana bat Tzivia Miriam
Chaya Lonna bat Rivka Shulamis Menucha
Adi bat Ruth
Sarah bat Donna
Rivka bat Aliya
Yael Nagin bat Rachel
Sara Chana bat Esther Rivka
Rimma Rina Rochel bat Chaya Klara
Yehudis Simcha bat Sarah
Tziporah bat Zarin
Rachel Sarah bat Clare Orah
Ayala bat Tikveh
Sarah Nechama bat Shoshana Vered
Chana Aliza bat Dina
Rivka bat Sara
By reciting the names of those who have still to receive their get, we break the silence of suffering in our community. May our prayers be heard.

If you or someone you know is a victim of get refusal, please contact Esther Macner at [email protected].

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