I wanted to share the good news that today I received my Gett. Thank you for supporting me through these months … for your calls, advice, and assistance. You are a precious gift to women who are in a desperate situation and your support is and has been a huge blessing! Thank you!

 I am a lawyer and a psychotherapist. I’ve been alone in my divorce process because others assume I know everything I should to protect myself and that I should be in good relationships. It is embarrassing to talk about how I have been in an emotionally and financially abusive marriage for the last 15 years, the toll it has taken on my health and functioning, and how long it is taking me to claw my way out of it.
I have been shocked to discover that I can’t afford representation and the help that I need in a broken, predatory legal system that my ex-spouse has manipulated to his full advantage.

Esther has taken me under her wing amidst all of this chaos. Getting her monthly emails with my name on a list of protected women has given me energy and hope to keep going. In the darkest of places with no light, she has comforted me with validation and guidance. She saw my scars clearly and emotional damage that others, including family members, scoffed out, doubted, and even blamed me for, Esther knowing abuse dynamics all too well.

She understands what it is to be outcast because she insists on fairness and truth and respect. She understands the subtle and not so subtle ways women continue to be treated as unequal and stands up to injustice against all odds with her cutting edge, brilliant advocacy. Thank you Esther for freeing my future spiritually from the short-sightedness of my past and giving me the chance at finding a healthy relationship.


I lost my father at 16 and married at age 20 without much parental guidance.  We were not Orthodox when we married, and did not have an Orthodox rabbi officiating, but we became strictly observant thereafter. The day after the Chuppah he was empowered to control, manipulate and abuse as he pleased. I was afraid to leave. He told me ‘If you leave me you will be miserable because I won’t give you a get and you won’t be able to remarry until you rot’. I got an order of protection 6 years ago and left for one month with my 4 children, but returned under pressure from my community.  A year later we officially separated when he summoned me to a rabbinic court for the get, but did not appear after several scheduled court dates. He waged a custody battle against me and lost. Two years later I got my civil divorce. He closed his business, went on welfare and demanded money from my family that we do not have. I worked for a minimal salary and was embarrassed to have to borrow money to make ends meet. I was abandoned by my community rabbi and had no place to turn until I met Esther at an event promoting the Jewish postnuptial agreement. She encouraged me to come to the Agunah Support Group and arranged for an application to the International Beit Din. I testified for 7 hours on one day and brought witnesses for a second day of testimony.  I am now finally freed.  It took 26 years.  If only I had known about the Jewish prenuptial agreement when I married. If only I knew then what I know now. 


Special thanks to Esther Macner for all of their efforts in making sure that Jewish woman everywhere have an alternative then just sitting around like a prisoner waiting for their ex-husbands to grant them Gets.


I have been blessed to be introduced to an angelic woman named Esther Macner. She is purely and solely all hearts and dedication. She has helped me tremendously  during my divorce and has been advocating for my Jewish get . She has done everything in her power and has spent unlimited amount of hours to help me toward this matter . She has never hesitated to call back or follow up.  She consistently works for you to achieve your goal.Her goal is not only to release you as a Jewish woman and make you free but mentally she connects with you , uplifts you and goes beyond and above her limits to help you. She has been more than just an advocate for me . I’m forever grateful  to her and all she has done for me . We need more people like her in our community.


I was dreaming a lot about my freedom for forty years.  I was married off to the wrong  man - my husband was violent, unfaithful and always refused to support me. Finally, after forty years I got an Order of Protection after he assaulted me with a wrench. I was ashamed to let anyone know because of my children and my reputation.  I spoke to several rabbis who said they do not deal with the Get.  I felt trapped and did not know what to do until one day , my sister saw an ad from Get Jewish Divorce Justice and she insisted I call. I called and am so glad I found Esther Macner.  Esther, you did all in your  power to bring this together 100%- you pushed my husband and the rabbis and sent emails and forced them to do it as soon as possible.  And you got it done. I got my get.  You gave me my freedom.