The ISRAEL Solution.

I was an Agunah for three years.
We separated in 2019. 

My Ex was already living with someone else before I even reached out to the Bais Din. He had been cheating on me during our marriage. 

There was very clearly no option for Shalom Bayit…
Still, I felt like I was being patronized, or placated.


My Ex did not show up at the Bais Din. He disregarded their summons and insisted on ending things in civil court first.
The Bais Din went along with that.

From the separation, to receiving the Get and the civil divorce… It was the worst four years of my life. 
COVID also impacted things. Everything was closed and not functioning and my Ex was able to drag everything out even longer.

If I could change something about the religious Get process?… I’d change everything.

I felt like nobody was interested in helping me.
I contacted Esther Macner to see if there was any other way to receive my Get sooner.

She was a breath of fresh air. 

She took action for me. 

She really held my hand through the entire process of receiving my Get. 


I was so grateful for her know-how.

She is familiar with both the religious and the legal aspects of receiving a Get.

She has so much knowledge. 

She also has connections. 

It’s a triple threat of Knowledge, Connections, and Direction- I felt like I knew where to go, what to do, and who to reach out to.

I had a fortunate situation: My Ex went to Israel!

I was already working with Esther Macner, and she was able to use her contacts and connections really quickly.
My Ex was served on the evening of Rosh Hashanah, 2022.
He wasn’t able to leave Israel until he signed a Get.
He tried to fight it, using his lawyers here, but since he really needed to get back in time for his business, he ultimately had no choice…

So he signed the Get.

I would never have been able to pull that off without Esther Macner.

She saved me, and now I am free, both religiously and civilly, and I am so incredibly grateful for that. 

May Hashem strengthen Esther’s hands so she can continue to do the important job she is doing. 


- shared by recently freed agunah