Rosh Chodesh Nissan 5780 Tehillim Campaign

The month of Nissan marks our freedom as a nation.  But we are not truly free as a nation until every Agunah is freed.

 The following twenty six women and three men are still in need of a get and have asked for your prayers. 

Sara bat Shoshanah Rosa

Esther Rochel bat Sofia Marguiles

Dana bat Batsheva

Esther bat Rachel

Elana Chayah bat Edna/Moones

Shoshana bat Mahnad

Sharona bat Nai'ma

Shari Ahava bat Yocheved Miriam

Rina bat Samira

Leah Tzipora bat Sarah

Metuka Nechama bat Sarah

Sara bat Susan

Sarah bat Pari

Yehudit Yona bat Ora Lillian Leah

Margalit bat Leah 

Chaya Rochel bat Hadassah Esther Lea

Chana bat Tzivia Miriam

Miriam bat Ruchama Fanya

Aidel bat Bracha Klerul

Leah bat Sarah

Inbal bat Smadar

Leora bat Sarah

Dina Sara bat Bracha

Zehava bat Rochel

Shoshana bat Devora

Dina bat Shushana

Ronen ben Rachel

Moshe ben Mahrokh

David ben Miriam


Our annual Se'udat Ho'daah will be postponed until further notice due to the Corona virus. Until then we offer our emotional support and chizzuk.
If you or someone you know is a victim of get refusal, please contact Esther Macner at
By reciting the names of those who have still to receive their get, we break the silence of suffering in our community. May our prayers be heard.