Our Programs


We promote the Beth Din of America’s prenuptial/arbitration agreement to deter get refusal through monetary sanctions, together with an alternative agreement that would resolve extreme cases where the husband refuses to cooperate or cannot be found. We spearheaded the efforts to revise the BDA Prenup for California that will be publicized in 2014.

We conduct seminars on the legal and halachic underpinnings of Jewish prenuptial and arbitration agreements for couples, educators, attorneys, and rabbis.

We design curricula for high school and college students to raise awareness of today’s agunah problem and an understanding of existing halachic solutions.

We coordinate an annual International Agunah Day Conference, on or before the Fast of Esther, for communal learning in solidarity with communities throughout the diaspora and Israel.

Agunah Hotline. We serve as a liaison between the agunah, the beth din, and attorneys. We advise agunot on how to navigate the beth din process. Where appropriate we mobilize rabbinic and communal pressure on get refusers to give the get.

Tehillim Campaign. We galvanize grassroots public awareness and support by reciting Tehillim (psalms) in schools, shuls, and women’s Tehillim groups for every agunah who provides her Hebrew name to us.

Agunah Support Group Through Art and Creative Expression. We provide a safe setting for former and current agunot and their adult daughters to develop a renewed sense of hope and empowerment. In collaboration with A Window Between Worlds.

We lobby for legislation to deter get refusal, such as authorizing courts to consider Get refusal as a factor in determining spousal support, custody, and applications for a bifurcated divorce.